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Server Installation on Mac

Go to our Installer page and browse to "6.5 Release".
Download and/or copy the zipped "" to your Desktop.

With a double click on the package file, initiate the installation process by unzipping it.  A progress bar will appear showing the decompression and installation progress. After the completion of the installation the new generated farmerswife icon will appear on the Desktop. 

Double click on it to start the Server application.

Note: If you've downloaded the package to "Downloads" and then try to run it from that location, on OSX "High Sierra" it may happen (if for the folder you don’t have permissions to run an app) that the app will not start. Please move it to the Desktop and run from there.

Note: If you get a warning message about an unidentified developer, then instead of double click, right mouse click the icon and choose: Open.

Choose: OPEN in the following window.

Start with running the server in demo mode.

Continue until the Server log window states: Server Ready at the top of the window.

As a last step you can delete the "" from your Desktop again.

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