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Toolbox Settings Server Setup

Resolve Surrounding Conflicts When Bookings Change: After resolving a Conflict the Booking Sub Status will be set to Confirmed automatically and does not have to be changed manually from the Conflict status to the Confirmed status (Hourline and Long Form).

Tasks Causes Conflicts: Controls if Task Bookings should conflict or not (default behavior is to conflict).

Create Booking Histories: Will display in the Edit Booking window the history of all the actions that have been made to the Booking since its creation date, showing the User name, date, and time.

Time report Completed On Users Time: The Time Report will be completed as soon as the involved Users have time reported their work. The Time report icon will only display on Bookings of Users, but not on bookings of Objects in the Hourline. If disabled, all involved Objects have to be time reported before the Time Report is complete.

Show Involved Objects In Booking Window: Tick this option to show the Objects, Users, and Resources that are part of the Booking in the Edit Booking window and to be able to add new Objects directly from this Involved window.

MySQL Sync: Enable or disable the use of MySQL Sync directly from the Toolbox. To be able to activate the synchronization, the MySQL must be configured in the Server Setup. Please refer to the Server Setup articles for detailed instructions.

Case Sensitive Matching On User Names When Logging In: Allows disabling the case sensitive login (all login possibilities into farmerswife).

Web Profile "Has Relation" Flags Are True If Contact Is In The Same Company: If Clients have been given access to the farmerswife Web Client, marking this checkbox will result in a Contact being able to view all calendar events for the Company rather than just the Contact's events.

Auto Build Object Classes When Server Starts: Using this feature creates an Object Class for all Objects that exist with the same Name or in sequence like Camera 1, Camera 2. E.g. an Object Class called "Camera" with these Objects set as a member within it. Feature that works together with a magic file: "auto_build_classes_delete_all_classes.dat". A functionality to "auto-build Object Classes after deleting ALL Object Classes". This file needs to exist in the farmerswife Server > "system" folder; then all Object Classes will be removed, and automatically recreated by the above-mentioned setting. This file will be automatically removed after the first time it's been used. 

IMPORTANT: Only use this magic file if this new feature is enabled. Use this feature only if it has been tested before on a separate copy of the Production WIFE Server.

And make sure a completed Full Backup of the WIFE Server has been made before using it.

Allow Sending Google Invites: Enable here the Google Invite Integration which causes Users with a User Profile where the Web Permission setting: Send Google Calendar Invites is enabled, as well to receive an invite for the event through Google's calendar system. Only events from today and forward are sent. For further information refer to the Google Invite Integration articles.

Preliminary Booking Causes Conflict Warning: There are two different scenarios for this setting:

1) An Object gets booked in "quote" status and a warning message is enabled, if another User books/quotes the same Object again.

For this behavior to work please activate: Toolbox > Booking Defaults > Warn For Conflicts Before Creating And Modifying Bookings.

Once both settings are activated the warning dialogue will pop-up even if the Object is booked on a Preliminary Status.

2) Using Framework Bookings in combination with the Web Permission Profile setting: Events > Objects > His Own Object > User Must Accept Or Decline New Bookings = Yes/checked. In the drop-down menu next to an empty Framework cell all available Class Members appear.


Anne is a Member of 2 Object Classes: "Editor" and "Journalist.

Anne is booked from 09:00 to 18:00 via the Object Class "Editor".

With: "Preliminary Booking Causes Conflict"= No (set by default):

Anne will still be listed as an "Available Class Member" at the same time range from 09:00 to 18:00if the Object Class "Journalist" is used.

With: "Preliminary Booking Causes Conflict"= Yes/checked:

Anne will not be displayed in the list of "Available Class Members".

Public Holiday: Setup Public Holidays for the Calendar.

Setup Custom Fields: Option to setup Object Custom Fields. You can also access Custom Fields setup from the Object Manager menu. 

Setup Project Global Custom Fields: These Custom Fields, once added, will exist through all Project related booking levels, from Booking Object, Booking, Framework Class, Sub Binder, Binder, Project and on Task Bookings.

They serve a special purpose for clients who have Navision integrations to be able to capture and export data.
To remove a field, open the Custom Field and click Remove from within the Custom Field window.
(from 6.6. SP1) Next, as you click OK on the Project Global Custom Fields window, you get prompted “ Do You Want To Also Remove: 'custom field name 1', 'custom field name 2', ... From Bookings, Projects, Etc.?”

Confirm: the Custom Fields you just removed in this setup window, get also removed from all existing projects, bookings, etc. 

Cancel: the fields are removed from this setup window only, but not from existing projects, bookings, etc. 

In both cases, they will not be applied to new projects, bookings etc created from that moment on as they don’t exist anymore. You can still later-on COMPLETELY REMOVE or EDIT the custom field, by creating it again with the exact same name and then when removing also choose to remove from bookings, project, etc.!

Object Permissions: Configure here Object Permissions when e.g. only certain Advanced Users with Super Users rights (can book any Object) should have the ability to book only certain Objects, but not others. See the subchapter Object Permissions for further details. 

Object Permissions

Object Permissions are used when e.g. only Advanced User that have Super Users rights that usually can book any Object should be limited when booking Objects. It defines which Advanced Users can book specific Objects with Actual Status Confirmed. Users that don't have Object Permission on the Object they need to book will still be able to book any Object but only with Actual Status Preliminary. The Booking itself can be confirmed but the Actual Status of the Object will be Preliminary. 

Example 1: Use Object Permissions when setting up the database involving different departments so the Users of the related department can only book their Objects.

Example 2: Use in combination with other User Permissions, where e.g. a Finance User should be an Advanced User with rates (to be able to generate Financial Reports) but should not be able to book Objects.

Enable Object Permission

Click on the Object Permission button in Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup.

Active: Click it to enable the use of Object Permissions.

Always Allow: Click on the drop-down menu to add those Advanced Users who will have Object Permissions on all Objects. All other Advanced Users will only be able to create Bookings on the Objects in a Preliminary Object Status unless they have been given specific Object Permission. Once they book an Object they will get a conflict window stating: Insufficient Object's Permission.

Objects Permission on specific Users and Objects

Assigning Object Permissions on a specific Object or User will allow only certain Users to book it; open that Object or User, click on Advanced, and add the allowed Users by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the Object Permissions window. This window will only appear if the Object Permission has been enabled. Please note that the Users that were set to Always Allow in the Object Permissions window don’t have to be added again.  

When a Task User tries to make a Booking on a User or an Object a pop up: Insufficient Object Permission comes up. This has nothing to do with the Object Permission setting above since it a Task User can't be given Object Permission to book anything else but himself on a Project Booking. To book himself, the User Permission Can Book Self needs to be enabled. Task Users can do Task Bookings or Maintenance Bookings if permission (Control Maintenance) is given.

[currency icon] Secondary Currency Rate: Set the currency exchange rate for the secondary currency.

[currency icon] Third Currency Rate: Set the currency exchange rate for the third currency.

Default Invoice Flag: Predefine the Invoice status of a Booking with a flag. Set it to Ready, Hold or Ignore. When set to Hold or Ignore, the Booking will not appear in the Invoice Creator.

A yellow triangle appears on the Booking in the Edit Project window or on the Booking in the Hourline if the setting Toolbox > Hourline > Invoice Flag has been ticked. The User needs to have "Edit Invoice Flag" permission. The Invoice status can be checked with a mouseover. By clicking on the triangle the invoice status be changed.

Setup Booking Mouseover Info (Available from 6.7)

Customize the information displayed in the yellow Booking mouseover.

Click on the Setup Booking Mouseover Info button in Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup.

In the next window click on available display options to move them into the Selected pane, where you can drag and drop to adjust the order of the items. Note: You can add up to three separator lines.

Dispatch Module:

Default Expected Return After Days And Time: When creating a “Check Out” directly from the Dispatch Module, the default days until an Object is expected to be returned and its expected return time can be set by default.

PDF Notification Email Print Template: Works in combination with the setting: “NotificationEmail Include / From Email Address”. If enabled, an Email Notification goes out to the Contact defined in the setting below. The Notification email that is sent out takes the selected Print Template that was setup in the Dispatch Module. All Templates can be altered in the Dispatch Module. The Allow Mail setting has to be turned on in Server Setup > General tab.

Notification Email Include / From Email Address: Add the email address of the person or group that should always get notified when Objects are out of stock, a Check Out or Check In was created or a Status change happened. If more than one User should be included, add the email addresses by separating with a comma.

Allow Objects To Be Checked In When Already Checked In: By default turned off. Needed if a User could take out Objects from the kit room without actually doing the Check Out in farmerswife, e.g. on a weekend and then returning them on a Monday. For the kit room staff member who scans it back in the Object would appear to be already checked in.

Allow Objects To Be Checked Out When Already Checked Out: By default turned off. See setting above.

Auto Check In Objects That Are Out When Being Checked Out: Work in combination with the two settings above. When enabled it allows to create a new Checkout for equipment that is still out with the client and needs to be prolonged but for another Project. This way the equipment doesn't have to be returned only to go out back to the same client again.

Offer User To Import Objects From Original Check Out For Object If Its Out: Works in combination with the three settings above. To be able to quickly check in all belonging equipment that was on the same Check out as the Object that you need to checkout again, before it ever came back. Works together with the setting above.

Allow Sending Email And Push Notifications On Status Changes To Dispatch Contact: Will send an email to the Dispatch Contact when the Status of a Dispatch changes.

Allow Sending Email And Push Notifications On Status Changes To Dispatch Pickup Contact: Will send an email to the Dispatch Pickup Contact.

Create and Save A Booking When Creating New Dispatch: When activated each time a User creates a Check Out from the Dispatch window or via the iOS or from the Object Manager a Booking will be created (a Return Date/Time needs to be set!), thus indicating that the Object is booked and not available. This way no previous scheduling of the equipment is needed. If the Dispatch is linked to a Project then the Dispatch Name is taken from the Project  (the Dispatch Name can be changed once linked to a Project). If it isn’t linked to a Project, farmerswife will create a Task. A Return Date must be set in order for the Booking or Task to be created.

Adjust Booking Object’s Out Time/Day When Checking Back In: Will update/modify the Booking Object’s time and day when it gets returned earlier or later as expected.

Track and Display Dispatching Between Divisions: Shows the Check In box with the arrow pointing down in yellow if the Object is checked into another Division than the User who is logged in to quickly indicate if the kit is available in house or at different location. For more information refer to the Equipment and Management Tracking articles.

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