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Media Order Setup

Media Orders can be created in Object Manager.

Media Order Types

Create a new Media Order by clicking the green + icon:

Name A name for the Media Order type.
IconSelect an icon which will be associated with the Media Order.
Buy/Sell RateThe cost of the Media Order for the company and the cost of the Media Order for the client.
Urgent Add On Sell Rate
An additional cost which will be applied to the Media Order if it is required urgently.
TaxTick to apply Tax at the point of invoicing.
Minimum / Maximum Duration
A minimum and maximum duration for the Media Order.
Allow Multiple SelectionsIf set to Yes, the Media Order enables selecting various Medias, or various Entries from the same or different Medias. If set to No, only one Entry or one Media is allowed.
Whole Media Only (Plain Dub)Select whether to allow only the ordering of a whole media. If set to Yes, this Media Order will not show in the list if ordering Entries.
Allow Client Web Order
Select whether clients should be able to place orders for this Media Order via the Farmers WIFE Legacy Web Client module.
 These four options (Minimum/Maximum Duration, Allow Multiple Selections, Whole Media Only, and Allow Client Web Order)  function as filters to show or hide a Media Order type.
When placing a Media Order, in the 
the Media Order type will appear in the drop down list as an option if the selected Media or Entries comply with the specified options.

A reference number for this Media order.
Menu GroupTo have the Media Order appear in the drop downs under a menu group.
Start Timecode
Set a Start Timecode for the output Media.
Set the frames per second for the output Media.
Select the Audio type for the output Media.
Select the Aspect type for the output Media.
Define the Format for the output Media.
Click on the button to define Custom Fields on a Media Order type. They will appear once the Media Order is selected inside of the New Media Order window.
Rates By Quantity
 To define rates by quantity as required. 
Rates By Duration
 To define Rates by Duration as required.

Select OK to submit the Media Order details or Cancel to clear the changes.

Media Order Customs
In Server Setup > Media Library you can add Custom Fields to Media Orders.

Any custom fields to be associated with Media Orders are listed here. These appear in the main Media Order window and allow adding more fields of information, apart from the standard fields.

To create a new Custom Field, click on the Add New (star) icon and define the required custom details. For more information on Custom Fields, refer to the Server Setup manual.

If these are shared with Project Custom Fields, it is possible to copy them from the Project Customs area. To do so, go to the Project tab > Project Customs > click on the drop down arrow and select Copy Customs To Container And To Media Order Customs. For more information refer to the Server Setup manual.

Once these are defined, the following options are available in the drop down arrow:

Save To Template List
Click this to save the custom fields to a user defined template list.
Load Default from Template List
Click this to load a list of previously defined custom fields.
Delete from Template List
Click this to delete a template from the template list.

Media Order Related Settings

Material Price Included
Select Yes if the Material price should be automatically included. In the Media Order a 100% discount is applied on Materials by default.
Service Price Included
Select Yes  to include the Service price. A 100% discount applies by default on all added Services to the Media Order.
Show Thru Web
Select Yes to show Media Order to customers through the Farmers WIFE Legacy Web Client module and thus allow them to place orders via internet.
Show Prices
Select Yes to show Media Order prices through the Farmers WIFE Legacy Web Client module.
Used Time Included
Select Yes if Used Time (time reported by the User) should be included in the price by default.
Share Numbers with Projects
Select Yes if Media Orders should share the same pool number with Projects.
Must Link To Project
Select Yes if Media Orders should always be linked to a Project.
Must Link To Existing Client
Select Yes if Media Orders should always be linked to an existing Client.

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