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How to create a New Media Order?

As the new Media Order opens, it will be automatically linked to the Project. See New Media Order article.

Through the Toolbox

Through the Toolbox > Media Orders tab, it is possible to create a standalone Media Order that is not linked to any Project, or a Media Order that is linked to a Project.

Go to the Toolbox > Media Orders tab > set the search filter to Pending > select New from the drop down menu the option.

The New Media Order window opens. See New Media Order article.
  • Please note that the option to create a new Media Order is only available when the filter is set to Pending.

Through the Media Library Module

The Library Search allows a more thorough and detailed search of Media. This is specially helpful for searching for a specific tape that needs to be copied.

Open the Media Library module and search for the Media or Entries that are to be copied.

Make sure that your Toolbox is open too.

Once the Media to be copied is located, click on the line (if more than one line is to be selected, hold the Ctrl key while multiple selecting) and drag it onto the Media Order tab in the Toolbox, as displayed in the screenshot below.

In this case, as the new Media Order window opens, the Select Source For Media Order window will already display the selection.

 See New Media Order article.

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