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How to create a New Media Order?

Through a Project

Open a project and click the Media Order icon in the top bar.

As the new Media Order opens, it will be automatically linked to the Project.

Through the Toolbox

Through the Toolbox > Media Orders tab, it is possible to create a standalone Media Order that is not linked to any Project, or a Media Order that is linked to a Project.

Go to the Toolbox > Media Orders tab > set the search filter to Pending > select New from the drop down menu the option.

Through the Media Library Module

The Library Search allows a more thorough and detailed search of Media. This is specially helpful for searching for a specific tape that needs to be copied.

Open the Media Library module and search for the Media or Entries that are to be copied.

Make sure that your Toolbox is open too.

Once the Media to be copied is located, click on the line (if more than one line is to be selected, hold the Ctrl key while multiple selecting) and drag it onto the Media Order tab in the Toolbox, as displayed in the screenshot below.

In this case, as the new Media Order window opens, the Select Source For Media Order window will already display the selection.

Details of the Media Order

If this Media Order should be linked to a Project, select first the Project's name from the drop down list that appears once clicking in the Name field.  At the left upper corner of the New Media Order window the Project wheel icon appears indicating the link. If the Media Order should have a different name, once that the link to the Project has been established, delete the Project name now and give it a different name.
NumberA number for the Media Order will be created automatically.
UrgentSelect Yes or No.
Assigned To: Select the User responsible for carrying out the Media Order. This person will get a notification in the To-do tab of the Toolbox, under Media Orders. By clicking on the Media Order line the User can access the Media Order.
ClientEnter the Client details as required.
ContactEnter the Contact details as required.
  • If the Server setting is set to Yes, you must select a Client and Contact from the Contact database. Otherwise, any name can by simply typed in these fields.
IDSpecify the Client's ID, if any. This field is connected to Client and Contact, if Contact exists.
EmailSpecify the email address of the Client. When an existing Client is selected and an Email is set up for this Client, the Email field is filled in automatically.
NoteSpecify any notes relating to the Media Order.
Invoice NoteSpecify any Invoice notes which may be applicable to the Media Order.
  • Please note only User with the access to the Invoice Module will see the Invoice Note field.
Custom Fields Below the standard fields there is a line separating from the customized fields,  as defined in the Server Setup. 
Deadline Click on the grey box in the right hand upper corner of the Media Order window next to Deadline: Not Set, to set a deadline for the Media Order. Select a date in the calendar and assign a time.
  • In Toolbox > Settings tab > Hourline > Pending Media Orders With Deadline setting can be enabled, so a Media Order icon (tape) will show in the header of the day if a Media Order has been set with a deadline. The Media Order icon can be used as a shortcut to enter the Media Order window directly.
Draft Tick this checkbox at the bottom of the window if this Media Order is still a draft. When searching for it, it will be found under status Draft.
Discounts The Discounts at the top of the New Media Order window are connected to the Client's personal Discounts setup in their Contact Profile. If a Project with a Media Order gets changed to another Client with a default Discount set for Media Orders, the Media Order inside of the Project is only affected and changed IF there was no Discount previously given. If there is a manual Discount set on a Media Order (the cell turns yellow) and the Client of the Project is changed to another Client with a default discount set, the Media Order will keep the manually set Discount (yellow cell) and won't adapt to the default Discount of the new Client. All new Media Orders now created inside of this Project will have the default Discount from the Client Contact applied.

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