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Object Permissions

Object Permissions are used when an Advanced User that has Super Users Permissions (so usually he can book any Object) should be limited when booking Objects. It defines which Advanced Users can book specific Objects with Actual Status Confirmed. Users that don't have Object Permission on an Object they book, will still be able to book any Object but only with Actual Status Preliminary. The Booking itself can be confirmed but the Actual Status of the Object will be Preliminary.

Example 1: Use Object Permissions when setting up the database involving different departments so the Users of the related department can only book their Objects.

Example 2: Use in combination with other User Permissions, where e.g. a Finance User should be an Advanced User with Rates (to be able to generate Financial Reports) but should not be able to book Objects.

Enable Object Permission

Click on the Object Permission button in Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup.

  • Active: Click it to enable the use of Object Permissions.
  • Always Allow: Click on the drop down menu to add those Advanced Users who will have Object Permissions on all Objects. 

All other Advanced Users will only be able to create Bookings on the Objects in a Preliminary Object Status, unless they have been given specific Object Permission. 

Once they book an Object they will get a conflict window stating: Insufficient Object's Permission.

Objects Permission on specific Users and Objects

Assigning Object Permissions on a specific Object or User will allow only certain Users to book it; open the Object or User, click on Advanced and add the allowed Users by clicking on the drop down arrow next to in the Object Permissions window. 

This window will only appear if the Object Permission have been enabled.

Please note that the Users that were set to Always Allow in the Object Permissions window don’t have to be added again.

You can then also COPY the added Users and Paste to other Objects with same permissions.

Object Tree: Prel. Due To Object Permissions

With the Filter option in the Object Tree one can monitor easily all Bookings that were created with insufficient permissions.

This can be useful in specific workflows.

Task Users

When a Task User tries to make a Booking on an User or an Object a pop up: Insufficient Object Permission comes up. 

This has nothing to do with the Object Permission setting above, since a Task User can't be given Object Permission to book anything else but himself on a Project Booking. 

To book himself, the User Permission Can Book Self needs to be enabled. Task Users can do Task Bookings or Maintenance Bookings if the permission (Control Maintenance) is given.

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