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Object Report

Hourline > if no days are highlighted, fw will use the period shown in Hourline. Else if would take the marked days.

In the Print Designer, clicking Options will show the following for the Object Events Report Settings.
Choose to exclude/include Preliminary Bookings or what Event Types to show.


Show Days Without Events

By default, the system hides days without events. To display days without Bookings, enable this option.

Configure What Event Types To Show

Drag and drop the event types that you want to display in your report to the Selected area.

Configure What Objects In Events To Hide

After clicking, select the Objects that you want to hide, then click 'OK.'

In the example below, a Report is made showing all involved Objects apart from Editors/ Operators. In the first screenshot, Anne (Editor) is displayed in the report in all events in which she is involved, but in the second screenshot, Anne is not shown after selecting all Editors/ Operators in the option 'Configure What Objects In Events To Hide.'

Show Only Main Objects

When this option is enabled, only the Object which was initially selected to run a report on will be displayed. Involved Objects will not be shown.

Using the example above with this option enabled, only Avid 1 is displayed in the Report, because it is the Object that was initially selected to report on.

Displaying Booked vs. Used Hours

Be aware that when creating a salary report as also non time reported bookings appear. Displaying only the time reported hours is recommended in that case. However the salary calculations are based on the bookings and not if time reported or not.

It is possible to "hide" bookings with 00:00 timereported. That will though not affect the Total Salary by default.

With String Compare Operators we can hide those lines with 00:00 Duration Timereported.

And with a SUM element we can sum up only the reported / visible elements.

You can use/import the attached report.

Display Booking Hours as 1.5 (decimal) hours instead of 01:30 (hh:mm)

Object Report Rates

The Buy Rate reflects the Object's Buy Rate and Fixed Price if any. 

The Sell Rate reflects the Object's Sell Rate but without Discounts!

Object Report on Multiple Objects

To directly print out or create a report on multiple Objects for the selected time period, click on the Object Tree icon and select 'Reports' from the drop-down menu, then choose the appropriate sub-selection. In the following pop up window, select Objects to include and sort them as you want them to appear in the Report by clicking on the priority header name. Finally, click 'OK.'

In the Print Designer, create a Template or choose an existing one to format Report.

All of the options found in the Object Events Report Settings window, as explained above, also apply to the Multiple Objects Report.

Object Maintenance Report

A Maintenance Report can be generated by clicking on the Object icon and selecting “Maintenance”, then “Report.” When the Report opens in the Print Designer, various fields are available: Object Name, Object Class, In/ Out Dates, Time, and Duration of maintenance, Header (typically used to enter reason for maintenance), Note field, etc.

Day History Report

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